Astrological Skillful Means

Cultivate Awareness of your Emotions, Karmic Patterns and Experiences

Jyotisha, Vedic astrology, is a divine map that shows your Karmas in this life. The map showcases where your strengths and skillful means lie that can help you on your path to liberation. It also shows what obstacles you may face that will help you transform.

Practices for Wealth, Fortune and Vitality

Special extensive practices from Tibet

Join our community in doing these practices together 4 times a year to help bring wealth, good fortune, and vitality to the world. Often times people seperate the ideas of wealth and spirituality, but this is not necessary. We need food, health, clothing and shelter in order to be able to practice and help people.

Drolmi Kazug Vase Package

Complete Practice Materials & Instructions

It is very difficult to get all the conditions and materials together to do this puja. It took Rinpoche many years to collect everything in the most extensive form needed for us to do this practice. The practice can only be done if we have right materials indicated in the text including a properly consecrated vase, Thangka and substances. Rinpoche very kindly arranged for these to be made exactly according to the text in the most extensive manner possible. They are available to practitioners who receive the oral transmission of the practice and want to do the practice to help bring abundance and good fortune to the world.

Golden Age Healing Earth Vase

Bring harmony to the environment

The 108 vases in this series were blessed at the Land of Shambhala Consecration series with the Drolmi Kazug Puja, Land Blessing and Yellow Dzambhala. They are specifically arranged to bring wealth and harmony to the environment.