Course Overview

This is a very practical course that will take you step-by-step how to work with the Divine Ladder Sadhana. This is perfect for anyone who has recently taken the empowerment and does not know how to work with the text. In this 8 classes, you will be guided through the very basics of how to practice the Jonang Kalachakra ngondro. Each week we will do the practice together focused on a specific area with teachings and learnings. For those who are new to the sadhana or would like to learn how to flexibly work with the Kalachakra path, this is the best place to start.

Key Topics Covered

  • Cultivating the mind of Renunciation
  • How to take refuge and make Prostrations
  • Generating Bodhicitta
  • Cultivate Merit through Mandala Offerings
  • How to do the mandala offering Mudra and make a physical mandala offering
  • Vajrasattva Purification Practice
  • Working with the 3 Guru Yoga Texts
  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for those starting to practice the Jonang Kalachakra common preliminary practices. It is not necessary to have any empowerment or oral transmissions to start.

  • What will you learn?

    You will be introduced to each step of the common Jonang Kalachakra ngondro preliminaries practices. This will provide you with a foundation to gather the correct conditions such as enough merit for later practices.

  • How will this benefit you?

    By learning the overview of the practice, you will have the confidence to do the sadhana on your own and in our group practice sessions.

Suggested Reading

The Hidden Treasure of the Profound Path

In this direct and clear commentary on Jetsun Taranatha’s classic text “The Divine Ladder”, Khentrul Rinpoché reveals the profound methods which have been used by Kalachakra masters for hundreds of years to achieve extraordinary realisations.

Course Fee

We offer flexible offering levels to accomodate students in different countries and economic situations worldwide. If you need further financial assistance to access a class, please email


Julie O'Donnell

Tibetan Rimé Buddhist Institute

At an early age, Julie searched for a deeper meaning to life until finally at the age of 22 found the precious Buddhist path of Dharma. She dedicated her life to the practice, living in temples and serving teachers from around the world practicing the Buddhist teachings and living according to its principles. Julie has spent the last 34 years practicing this ancient path and for the past twelve years has lived at the Tibetan Buddhist Rime Institute in Tecoma helping the resident teacher Khentrul Rinpoche. Julie is now one of the senior teachers in Dzokden giving classes on meditation and basic Buddhist principals that can be applied to our everyday lives. Julie also manages the Tibetan Rimé Buddhist Institute. She arranges a program of courses, tours and fundraising activities.