Foundations of Buddhism Series

6-Week Online Course Starts April 12th at 7:30 PM Melbourne Time

Whenever we start out on any journey, it’s important to be clear on where we are going and what road we have to take to get there. In Buddhism, this is referred to as Ground, Path and Result. In this course we are looking from the ground, to understand what is involved in the spiritual journey.In this course, through reading and discussions you will gain clarity on the Buddhist Spiritual.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is designed for practitioners with interest in Buddhist path and want to learn exactly where it leads and how to follow it. This is part 2 in the Buddhist Foundations series.

  • What will you learn?

    You will learn how to evaluate and look for an authentic path.

  • How will this benefit you?

    This sessions will help you gain clarity about the fundamental reasons for searching for a path, the options available and identify which one is for you.

Suggested Reading

Unveiling Your Sacred Truth, Book 1: The External Reality

Khentrul Rinpoché explores the external reality of the world that we encounter on a daily basis. Through a wealth of practical advice, he provides us with a variety of methods for working with the many ups and downs that we face. He then encourages us to probe deeper into the very nature of our experience in order to develop insight into what is truly important to us and how to make the most of the precious opportunities that this life has to offer.

6 Week Course

This course is in Zoom. All videos and reference materials will be accessable to you afterwards.

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Venerable Yi Shi Fu

Tibetan Rimé Buddhist Institute

Venerable Yi Shi Fu is an ordained Chan Buddhist monk, from the Chan school Lin Ji Lineage. He was trained at the Qian Fo Shan Monastery in Taiwan. Previous to taking robes as a monk, Master Yi trained under the guidance of John D. Hughes from the Buddhist Discussion Centre in Upwey, Victoria, Australia and Master Ru Shan from the Yun Yang Monastery in Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia. As a monk, Master Yi underwent extensive training at the Tibetan Buddhist Rime Institute under the guidance of Khentrul Rinpoche. In the last 7 years, Master Yi has been the director and spiritual teacher of Buddha Way Cultivation Centre (Hampton Park, Victoria, Australia).